Why you need a Blog

For those of you who have never gone to a homestead, a hefty portion of them have a substantial block of salt for their creatures, called a “salt lick.”

A salt lick is precisely what the name infers. It’s a salt store that creatures continue returning to—and licking – keeping in mind the end goal to ingest supplements they require. Presently, regardless of whether you need your perusers to lick their PC screens is dependent upon you, however you unquestionably need them to take a gander at your website as a wellspring of “supplements” they have to come back to and devour.

A little business online journal is a promoting apparatus, yet showcasing is an indistinct term, particularly in case you’re a business person simply beginning. You likely consider promoting and deals as equivalent words, compatible in definition and in reason. They’re most certainly not. Deals is the way toward getting a client to purchase; advertising is the manner by which you position your item, discover your clients, and choose how you’re going to contact them.

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Home Based Business Ideas

home based businessAre you looking for some good ideas for a home based business?
You aren’t alone. With the present economy failing, many people are in
fear of losing their job and are looking for ways to make money from
home. There are many choices, and this article will help you come up
with some ideas of your own.

You can find opportunities for making money at home in just about any field. A friend of mine even started a towing service from home. How do you come up with ideas for a home based business? The easiest way is to think of your interests, hobbies, and knowledge. Options can be found whether you want to work online or off!

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3 Online Advertising Solutions

Before we get into all these small business advertising ideas, the best advertising that you could ever have for your local business is the word of mouth, but for those of you just starting out, this could be more helpful. If you want to skyrocket your business in a very short amount of time, doing a little advertising will drive eyeballs to your website and footsteps into your door.

The following list of small business advertising ideas are brought with the knowledge that some are better than others, some cost money, like a garage builder I recently spoke to, some provide better results and some are free except for what we like to call sweat equity. As with any marketing, the best suggestion is that you keep an open mind and know that advertising can and attract paying customers, as long as you target the right audience.

There are much more advertising ideas out there, we focus on what is working now and what is going to work years into the future as the internet evolves and becomes the dominate place to advertise any product or service.

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Getting That First Client

getting clientsSo you got the business Idea and you put it into action. Feeling all excited about this new journey you’re on. The wheels are spinning but you have to gain traction before you get moving. Getting that first client can sometimes be difficult. How do you convince someone to buy your product or services?


The easiest way is to start with the audience you already have. Friends and family are the best first customers. Now don’t go thinking that everyone you know is going to buy your product or service just because they know you and have to. Start with the people you think would benefit from hiring you or buying from you. These people should be at the top of your initial client list. Don’t disregard the people you don’t think would benefit either. These people are your cheerleaders. They are the people that know and trust you and they have friends and family that know and trust them. Ask your cheerleaders if they know anyone else that would be interested in your service. Ask them to put the word out.

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Fear Killed My Father

fearAsk anyone that knew my father and they will tell you he was a good man. He made a lot of bad decisions, A LOT , but overall was a big hearted man. Some say it was his big heart that brought him to his demise. I now at thirty-three believe I understand my father more than ever. He has been  gone now for 14 years. Fear, Failure, and Rejection I know 100% caused my father to take his life  .


I have been listening to a lot of entrepreneurs and reading their blogs and books. The commonality of these people is that they all overcame Fear, failure and rejection. This is the biggest secret to a happy fulfilling life. This is the key to the promise land , happiness.

That’s it. This is the secret to success.

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Stop Trying

tryingThat’s right Stop Trying. Just Stop. Stop trying to get a better job. Stop trying to that girl you’ve been chasing.Stop trying to buy a house. Stop trying to succeed. Stop trying to eat healthily and get fit. Stop trying to fix your marriage. Stop trying do whatever it is you’re trying to do. Instead, do this:




Yup that simple, just do it. These three words made a company millions if not billions of dollars. Ever heard of Nike? Just Do It! Get the better job. Get the girl of your dreams. Be successful. Eat right and get fit. Whatever you trying to do just stop trying and do it.There is no such thing as try. This concept of trying does not even exist. This is something we made up so we feel better about ourselves when we don’t accomplish the things we want. It’s a way to baby ourselves and sugar coat failure. Stop being a little baby and just do what you set out to do.This is a concept I first heard about while listening to the great Anthony Robbins. During one of his many recorded talks he made a women realize that it is actually impossible to try to do something. Let’s experiment.

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